Perhaps The Most Metal Band Photo of All Time - 4 x 6 inches - Framed & Signed

from Elay Arson


Show off your style, sophistication, and love of brutality with "Perhaps The Most Metal Band Photo of All Time". If Daniel's "corpse paint white" jacket and posture indicative of the darkest "Dark Funeral" in existence aren't heavy enough for you, flip the photo over. Sid's sinister smile will gravity blast your heart into utter oblivion.

Ideal for sprucing up your home or leaving in a stranger's Airbnb room without context.

HEAVY "Gorogoth Gloss" 4 x 6 in. print.
Beautifully set in a "Norwegian Winter Pale Death Matte White" .5 in wood frame. Glass front.
Signed by Daniel & Sid.
Limited to 5 worldwide.

100% Real and serious.

Also technically includes a digital copy of our next album... TBA.

Sold Out


Elay Arson Colorado Springs, Colorado

A metalsynth duo.

Daniel David Larson
Devin Harrison

Founded by Daniel Larson, a New Mexico native and Iraq war veteran, he began drawing inspiration from the desolate American West.

Devin Harrison, an outstanding guitarist and guitar teacher by trade, joined the project in 2017 and the two have been working together ever since.

Their music is unique, aggressive, & dark.
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